Insulating structural steel against the effects of high temperatures for sustained building integrity.

Steel Encasement

Encapsulating structural steel components within a building protects it from the effects of high temperatures generated during a fire. Effective encasement prevents structural damage, saving lives and minimising reparation costs. Steel encasement is one of the most effective passive fire protection measures.  

Steel encasement solutions protect structural steel columns, beams and joints for multiple hours. If compromised, structural steel components can put the stability of the whole building at risk. Under current Building Regulations, all steelworks within a building must have fire resistance up to standards to maintain building stability for a reasonable period.  

Steel Encasement Solutions

Steel encasement is commonly achieved using non-reactive materials such as boards or sprays, or reactive solutions such as intumescent coatings. Thin film intumescent coatings provide the most effective insulation through chemical reactions at high temperatures, resulting in the coating swelling and creating a low conductivity layer of protection. These coatings provide fire resistance for 30, 60, 90 and even 120 minutes.  

Boards are used for structural fire protection to encapsulate structural steel components with minimal disruption and a clean, boxed appearance. Fire resistance of steel encasement solutions is measured according to fire tests described in BS 476-20 and BS EN 1363.  

Expert Steel Encasement with CPFP

Protect the structural integrity of your building with our expert steel encasement services. We use only the best quality materials to achieve fire resistance in accordance with the latest standards.  

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