IFCC Accreditation & Passive Fire Protection – All You Need to Know About IFCC & Passive Fire Protection

At CPFP, we provide high quality Passive Fire Protection (PFP), keeping people and buildings safe from fire. From hospitals and schools, to industrial and private premises, our skilled team have installed effective PFP across the UK. We work closely with clients to provide PFP services including cavity barriers, penetration sealing and fire compounding, with the aim of preventing the spread of smoke, fire and heat through walls, floors and ceilings.

The growing team of PFP technicians at CPFP are all IFCC accredited, ensuring our clients receive high quality installations. We put together this guide to explain what IFCC accreditation is, why it is important and the benefits you receive by choosing an IFC certified company.

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What is IFCC?

IFC stands for International Fire Consultants, a global group of established players who offer trusted and reliable fire safety advice. IFC Certification (IFCC) is a member company of the IFC group and offers third party certification as well as product certification for market.

IFCC is a UKAS accredited and international recognised provider of fire safety certification. Its services include:

  • Product certification
  • Installer certification
  • Site inspection services
  • Quality management systems
  • Enhanced security schemes

What is UKAS?

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is a government body that assess organisations offering testing, inspection, calibration and certification services, ensuring integrity and quality. UKAS use appropriated international standards to evaluate companies, providing certifications only to ones who prove competence, capabilities and impartiality.

By being the sole overarching accreditation for the UK, UKAS ensures consistency and maintained high quality of service and compliance for customers.

As UKAS accredited, IFCC is recognised to an international standard to bestow accreditations to fire safety companies.

IFC Certification

To become IFCC certified installers of fire protection measures, companies must undergo a variety of inspections and tests. Other certifications or service provided by IFCC may include similar assessments as installer certifications, similarly evaluating team competencies and capabilities.

Installer certification auditing includes:

  • Reviewing site-based activities i.e. installation in action.
  • Assessing Quality Management System within administrative processes and in practice.
  • Competency assessment of individuals.

Once accredited, IFCC Registered Installer Companies are continually reassessed with random inspections to ensure capabilities and compliance is maintained.

CPFP are proud to be certified installers of PFP measures, specifically gaining IFCC accreditation in penetration and linear gap seals. This allows us to confidently delivery our key PFP services to a range of projects.

Benefits of Using an IFCC Accredited Company

Gaining IFCC certification is significant for both companies and customers, seeking reliability, quality, and reassurance. Here are some of the key benefits of using an IFCC accredited company.


In light of recent high-profile cases, the importance of PFP is especially prominent currently. Using certified installers ensures that installations are done right, with approved products, materials, methods and planning.

Accreditation gives clients confidence in the effectiveness of installations, keeping people, building and assets safe.

Cost effective

By using an accredited installer, clients guarantee PFP installations are done right the first time and therefore save money down the line on amendments and replacements. If a fire does break out, effective PFP will keep its spread limited, also reducing costly damage.

CPFP have experienced first-hand the cost of ineffective initial installations, often finding they are brought in to redo poor installations. This risks safety and incurs costly future reinstallations.


As companies have to display commitment to compliance as part of the accreditation system, accredited companies ensure installations are in line with standards and guidelines. Clients can rest assured knowing their PFP is installed to the top standard for maximum efficiency and fulfilment.

Additionally, as the IFCC accreditation process is ongoing, with random inspections and re-evaluations, companies that are accredited must stay on top of legislation and keep up with any applicable changes. Ongoing readjustment, and the following of such, means accredited companies change processes and such as standards do.


Accredited companies provide a trusted and reliable service, proven by random reassessments and individual competencies. This helps to ensure that companies remain up to standard and continue to deliver high quality services throughout the years.

IFCC Certified Passive Fire Protection with CPFP

If you are looking for accredited PFP installers, contact CPFP. As a team of fully IFC accredited technicians with minimum NVQ level 2 in PFP and each holding IPAF, CPFP ensure you and your buildings’ fire measures are in safe hands. CPFP have years of experience providing high quality PFP to a variety of projects across many sectors in the UK.

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