We have worked in the Passive Fire Protection industry from 2014. In the first few years, we often found ourselves undertaking remedial work to correct installations that fell short of the required specifications.

Ensuring High Standards.

Following excessive amounts of remedial works to projects where our team is bought in and trusted to correct the poor Firestopping installations.

We then saw the opportunity to expand and tackle the issue of low standards from incompetent installers of passive fire protection, by growing our current team of technicians and correctly training apprentices through to our management.

We work closely with “specifiers” (Clients and building control) to ensure that the passive fire protection was installed correctly first time, every time.

The Lack of High-quality, correctly installed, certified and recorded passive fire protection has now come to the forefront of everyone’s minds after high profile Firestopping incidents.

The Growing Importance of Passive Fire Protection.

It became increasingly obvious that there is a lack of companies providing properly-qualified and competent Passive Fire Protection (‘PFP’) installation services. High-profile incidents exacerbated by poor PFP installations have further highlighted these shortcomings.

We subsequently decided to expand our team of technicians and apprentices, and have committed to a formal training-programme in order to achieve and maintain the highest level of excellence.

Industry-Accredited Passive Fire Protection.

CPFP has attained a third-party accreditation in Passive Fire Protection with IFCC. With this in place, Management, Supervisors and Technicians can demonstrate capability and traceability for their installations, products and services. With increased public awareness and industry mindfulness, this is more important than ever.

To gain accreditation with IFCC, all CPFP installers are vigorously tested to gain certification, with IFCC conducting site inspections and assessing the Quality Management systems within our administrative processes and when onsite.

Once accredited, all IFCC Registered Installer Companies are subject to continual random inspection of their installation work, on contracts past and present. Annual renewal of the accreditation involves an audit of Office systems, performed by an IFCC Inspector to ensure that compliance and IFCC standards are maintained.

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